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The Adpost Group has been around for more than 29 years. From the time we opened our doors in 1989, we have specialised in being a one-stop-shop for our clients’ advertising needs including printing and distribution.

Adpost Group has come a long way since we first worked on our first project. Adpost now has an experienced team of advertising consultants, designers, distributors, managers – all of which are working on satisfying our clients’ needs for an advertising campaign.

Adpost Group


Our team is composed of exceptionally talented individuals, each with a valuable skill set honed by years of experience in diverse, creative backgrounds. The team is a carefully selected group of individuals working together to consistently generate results. Highly capable and professional, our team of experts ensures that the project gets the proper attention it requires. Every project is the result of a collaboration of different areas of expertise to produce the best outcome. With a treasure trove of marketing expertise and creative prowess, our team is constantly hands-on throughout the process, ensuring that we meet our clients’ requirements and all objectives are met.


In the complex business of printing, our work is a testament to the hard work that we put into every project. We keep the same virtue of quality and efficiency with every project, no matter how big or small. Adpost understands the complex and often cutthroat business of printing. We know that deadlines and targets are important, so we make it a point that our quality matches our productivity to result in efficiency. Adpost is committed to meeting our clients’ deadlines. We value the trust of our clients. We always look for new opportunities to satisfy and delight our clients.


We have taken our one-stop-shop approach to heart since we first opened our doors. Our services will take care of your advertising needs from content creation, printing, distribution, and management. We have made every aspect of advertising available under one roof to make the process more convenient and efficient for our clients.