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Enable Better Customer Experience with GPS Tracked Deliveries

Want to keep an eye on your products sent for delivery on a daily basis?

Adpost’s GPS tracked delivery services will help you do so and build your brand reputation.

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How Does GPS Tracked Delivery Affect Your Brand Reputation?

The reputation of a firm is affected by the delivery of items to customers. GPS tracking can help you monitor the movements of the consignment and the deliverer. Specifically, GPS determines and tracks our walkers’ precise location.

The walkers store the recorded position data until they finish their assigned drop. In this way, after the delivery has been completed, the data from each walker can be carefully examined to guarantee that each residence within the designated zones have received.

You can be confident that your communication reaches your target audience at the correct time and in the right location, thanks to Adtrack GPS tracking. Further, the mapping features help you more effectively target leads and clients. GPS mapping enables hassle-free monitoring, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Stay A Step Ahead with Adpost’s GPS Tracked Delivery Services

Apart from the exact location and route of the distributor, Adpost’s Adtrack GPS tracked delivery system gives you insights about other information as well, which will help you in a number of ways.

Adtrack record everything

The Adtrack GPS App keeps track of the walker's start and stops times. This enables us to predict the time when products or items were distributed and delivered to a specific street, which can be important in the unlikely event of a client dispute.

Adpost strives to make every delivery process transparent through GPS tracked delivery infrastructure. This has helped us gain our client’s trust as well as improve their business efficiency and performance.

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What makes Adpost the best?

Our Adtrack GPS tracked delivery services integrate with technology-packed solutions to ensure maximum coverage in the distribution zones. We have the requisite technical experience to provide our clients with a customized delivery solution utilizing Adtrack GPS tracked services.

It is possible to acquire immediate status information using our GPS tracking, which our walkers use during the delivery. We confirm that our distributors have adequately covered their rounds at the end of the distribution. Our clients may rest assured that their communications have reached their intended recipients without a hitch.

We document all of the routes using active GPS data that highlight the routes at predetermined intervals. In addition, our GPS-tracked drops build utmost transparency. Thus, it gives the client a clear sense of how many letterboxes it could cover in each specified location.

  • Comprehensive use of technology for best tracking of delivery
  • Real-time tracking
  • Increased customer reach and boosted sales figure
  • Customized delivery areas and insured walkers

Adpost helps businesses to achieve their goals and targets by delivering their communications most appropriately. Our professional walkers distribute your promotional materials to letterboxes or people's hands in the designated areas.

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