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At Adpost Online all our deliveries are tracked using GPS units. These units show the streets that have been letterboxed drop by our walkers giving our customers peace of mind and assurance knowing that your material and your letterbox distribution campaign has reached the targeted areas and more importantly has been delivered to. ADTRAK is this tool. This not only ensures that the leaflets have been delivered but also gaining and building on our customers’ trust.

At Adpost we can either customize our delivery maps to meet your specifications or deliver to the entire suburb.


1. GPS – All of our Walker carry a GPS tracking unit to insure that your distribution is accurate and complete.
2. Once the distribution is completed and all GPS tracks are returned to our office the units are downloaded and cross checked against the map to ensure all streets have been delivered to
GPS map report


GPS – Global Positioning System device which tracks the individual’s route while he or she is walking along each street. Our GPS (global positioning system). This system has a very high degree of reliability and makes every walker accountable for the area covered.


The GPS device is switched-on and carried in a pocket or on the belt of the operator at the start of the distribution work in any Zone. As the operator walks along the street, the GPS device tracks and records the speed, elevation and route taken. This data is then uploaded to verify the distribution work carried out. Our GPS tracking units measure the day and time of the distribution work carried out.


Each distributor either works on their own or in a team dependant on the size of the distribution campaign. When working in a team, the Team Leader is responsible for checking that all areas are covered and all distributors have ample material to complete the area that they are in. We can inform you if a street was missed or a particular house that has been missed. A map can be sent to you upon request or on completion of distribution.

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