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5 Advantages Of Using Leaflets

By IT Admin Posted On: November 17, 2015

Leaflet advertising is considered old-fashioned in this digital age. While many are lured by modern marketing techniques, effective marketing is a marriage of both the modern and traditional. Leaflet marketing is tried and tested, and will never become obsolete as long as paper is still part of our daily lives. The key is to keep using new and creative ideas on what is otherwise an underappreciated marketing tool.

Here are 4 advantages of leaflet marketing that would prove beneficial to any business:


One of the biggest concerns in any marketing campaign is whether your message will be seen by your target market. Resources go down the drain when your message doesn’t reach your audience. The beauty of leaflet advertising is you can deliver your message right to your potential customer’s door or hand it to them directly. Poorly designed leaflets can be easily tossed, but even a quick glance at your material is worth something compared to a message that is not seen at all. For large scale leaflet distribution, you can hire the services of a reputable company.

Adpost has dedicated professional walkers that do the job efficiently. Unlike other leaflet distribution services that use run of the mill walkers, Adpost understands your business needs and is committed to meeting your deadlines and expectations.


Many businesses are wary of spending too much on marketing for fear of wasting resources or making a bad investment. Leaflets are significantly cheaper to produce and distribute compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. The high potential reach of leaflets without the high cost also reduces the risk of spending too much and not getting a return on your investment.


There is no limit to how creative you can get with your leaflet’s design, message, and layout, but getting creative with your leaflet goes beyond the design and layout. Make sure your leaflet stands out and captures your potential customers’ attention and gets them to take action. Consider using market trends or come up with your own unique idea to get maximum response from your audience. For instance, QR codes on leaflets is a creative way of mixing technology and print and gives your leaflet an interactive quality.


Consider your marketing objective. You can include all the pertinent information in your leaflet with an organized layout. Promote your brand, share your contact details, advertise a sale or promo. Leaflets can also change hands and spread your message beyond your target market. Unlike TV advertisements or posters and billboards where people need to take a moment or stop in the middle of the street to absorb your message, your audience can digest the information on their own time – just make sure that your message instills a sense of urgency and moves them to take action in a timely manner.


Leaflets may be old-fashioned but they are also changing with the times. Keep your leaflets fresh and interesting and continue reaping the benefits of leaflet advertising.