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5 Tips for Creating a Marketing Flyer that Sells

Marketing flyers are a tried and tested a way to market your small business. They are cost effective, easy to produce and a tangible way for customers to remember you. But most flyers are let down by either poor design or poor copywriting. More often than not, business owners try to come up with the […]


Why employ leaflet distributors?

Local marketing is used by many small-scale businesses simply because they do not have the capacity to launch a larger advertising campaign, or wide-scale adverting simply is not in the company’s best interests. Leaflet distribution is a cost-effective way for local businesses to advertise and make an impact on a targeted audience. For leaflet distribution […]


What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is often colloquially called as “junk mail”. Many households receive abundant direct mails every week. Direct Mail is the term used to describe letters sent using the bulk mailer service. Bulk mail is defined as sending multiple identical mails at one time, and it usually has the least priority in sorting in a […]



                  Your business card is one of the best tools you can have in establishing your presence in the market place. It’s also one of the only marketing tools that you have that you can hand over personally, as a part of the business. As far as […]



An effective marketing campaign calls for segmenting. Segmenting isn’t just about grouping your market by their common traits. To form groups in your market, you would need to identify their common buying factors – factors which affect their decision and their response to marketing. Marketers use 5 common groups to segment their markets: Location, Demographics, […]



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Leaflet Distribution Works

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