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Basics Of Starting A Leaflet Distribution Campaign

By IT Admin Posted On: December 1, 2015

Basics Of Starting A Leaflet Distribution Campaign

Leaflets and flyers remain successful and cost effective for a lot of businesses. However, leaflets will only give you the return on your investment if they are done correctly right from the start. A common misconception is the oversimplified version of using leaflets – get a good design, print it, then hand it out. Taking shortcuts would be easy – an easy way to lose money. So before you embark on a leaflet distribution campaign, consider these basics and avoid learning the hard way:


Knowing your target audience is essential in any marketing campaign. If you intend to offer your products and services to anyone and everyone, you will easily get lost in the process. Having a target audience doesn’t mean that you will ignore all other prospects – you just need to have an aim. Though the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to make more business, if you keep your aim an idea instead of an audience, then your profits may remain ideas as well.


If you own a brick-and-mortar store, the obvious target area would be your immediate community or city. Now, it pays to know your target market before you embark on distributing leaflets. You can specifically target the geographic zones of your target audience. Do your research so you don’t waste resources distributing to the wrong households.


Every marketing material should have a clear objective. Once again, this is not as simple as saying you have a special offer or promotion. Know what you are offering inside out and bank on how it can benefit your target audience. Create a headline that will effectively capture attention while communicating your message at the same time. Design your leaflet so that it would be hard to ignore. Don’t forget one of the most important elements of your leaflet – a call to action. It is imperative that you tell your audience what to do. Lastly, create urgency in your offer – a sale delayed is as good as a sale forgotten.


The right distributor can make or break your leaflet campaign. Make sure your leaflet research and leaflet message meet your target audience by choosing a reputable distributor that can provide you with quality service.

Adpost is not just a distributor, but one of the leading providers of high quality marketing materials. This means that from start to finish, you can rely on Adpost to deliver –not just the leaflets, but the design and printing as well. What’s more, your leaflets will be in the hands of professional dedicated walkers who are committed to meeting your deadlines.

It pays to spend time on the basics and doing your homework. There’s a lot of competition out there, but if you know what you are doing and if you are doing it right, you already have an edge. Keep that edge by being consistent and creative with your marketing efforts.