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Benefits Of Using Gps For Small Businesses

By IT Admin Posted On: January 4, 2016

GPS tracking systems have gone a long way from when they were first developed in. Now, GPS is such a normal part of our every day lives that many people would be literally lost without it.

When it comes to small businesses where the operating costs have to be closely monitored, using GPS may seem superfluous and nonessential, but the benefits are more evident and impactful than they would initially seem:


Whether you are on your way to a meeting, running an errand, or making a delivery, getting lost on an unfamiliar road can be frustrating and time consuming. These nuisances and delays can be avoided with the help of GPS.  Using GPS helps you navigate unfamiliar territory with ease, getting you to where you need to be on time. In terms of meeting clients or making a delivery, getting there on time can spell the difference between a good, solid reputation, and an unreliable and embarrassing one.


Having GPS allows you to have control over your company vehicles. Whether you own a trucking company or have company vehicles for employee use, having GPS allows you to keep track of their locations. Also, since employees out in the field know that you can track their whereabouts, it helps keep them in check so there is a much smaller chance of company resources being misused and abused.


GPS basically creates your personal dynamic road map. When you key in your destination, you get a glimpse of your entire route before you even get on the road. Some devices even give you alternative routes so you can choose your own, create custom routes, or prepare routes with multiple waypoints. Having an idea of how to get to where you want to go makes for easier driving and navigation, especially if you have multiple destinations.

  1. COST

A small investment in a good GPS device can go a long way. Just imagine the obvious savings on a personal level: when you don’t get lost and take the fastest route to your destination, you save on fuel, not to mention save time. Now, apply this to an entire fleet of vehicles, or even just those company cars that you let your employees use. Eliminating unnecessary additional expenses puts money back in your pocket.


Virtually any industry can take advantage of the benefits of GPS. For instance, cable and telecom companies can use GPS to quickly dispatch the closest available worker to a service call. Nursing homes and private caretakers can track the whereabouts of an elderly adult susceptible to wandering. Delivery companies can move their goods in the most efficient and economical way. SMEs that use leaflet distribution services can especially benefit from GPS. Adpost uses ADTRAK, a tool that tracks all deliveries with GPS units carried by their dedicated professional walkers, giving you peace of mind that your material gets delivered – assurance that you will not get from just any ordinary company.

The bottomline: GPS tracking systems can help your business operate more smoothly and deliver better service. Whether you are a business owner or a customer, it helps to know which companies have that edge.