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Best Leaflet Marketing Distribution Tips

By IT Admin Posted On: November 3, 2015

Best leaflet marketing distributon tips

You could hold one of the largest companies of the country; you could produce and sell one of the best products and services at the most affordable prices’; it is still not enough to grow your business as much as you want in terms of number of clients, incomes and  net profit  or brand awareness. You still need to know one of the most important marketing tools – how to promote your business. The printed flyers and leaflets are still one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise your business to new potential customers and to communicate with your existing clients’ database.

So many times I have seen the businesses having an “use when needed” approach to the flyer’s production and distribution that I have to mention there are few things you should take into consideration before starting a flyer/leaflet marketing campaign.

  1. Target your audience

Based on demographic information, set the focus areas where the highest percentage of your potential customer lives.

  1. Know your targeted audience

One of the most important steps is to know your targeted audience as best as you can. Who your target client is in parameters of age, sex, ethnicity, behavior? Where do they live, work, shop, socialize or visit? What do they read, watch and listen?   What factors influence their purchase decision?

These information are very important not only for planning an advertising campaign, but in general for your business. 


  1. Set the goal of your flyer.

Set the main goal you want to achieve through your flyer marketing campaign. 

Do you want to promote a certain offer that is available for a limited period? Do you advertise an event? Do you want to promote a new service or product? What do you really want?


By knowing all these information, you will be able to answer to other questions, which are also important for your flyer advertising campaign:

  • What appeal your flyer should have
  • What your flyer content should include
  • What tone of voice your flyer should have
  • What dimensions your flyer should have
  • How many flyers should you print and distribute
  • When, where and how should you distribute your flyers


One of the main challenges for all the companies, but especially for the small ones is the distribution of the flyers. There are many ways to do this.

Following there are some tips to distribute your flyers. According to your business characteristics, you could select one of them or you may combine more distribution methods, according to your business and your target characteristics:

  • Door to door – if you run a B2C company, you may consider door-to-door flyers distribution. It will take you more time and you will need more flyers to do this adequately, but you will be sure that your flyers will be seen. Also, notice that you could use a third part, like a flyers distribution company or your National Postal Company. In this case, notice that you will be charged with a nominal fee x the amount of distributed flyers.
  • Place inside packaged order – in you run an online shop or post out goods to your customers, you may insert the flyers inside the packed order. Using this method, you may send special offers, vouchers, brochures, special gifts to your customers
  • Collaborate with complementary businesses – find complementary business and negotiate with their leadership to distribute your flyer through their distribution plans (if you target the same audience). Of course you have to pay them a fee, but it will be lower than if you distribute your flyers on your own. If the complementary business is a well-known brand in the market, it will be a clever tool to advertise your business.
  • Distribution on street – if your targeted audience is to be found out, you should definitely take into consideration this option. But before doing this, check your local rules in order to avoid any inconvenience. This is one of the best guerilla advertising techniques, especially for small businesses, because this way you could have the chance to talk to your potential customers and present your company/products/services offered.
  • Magazines insert – having your flyer inserted within the magazines or newspapers that are distributed in your targeted area is also an option. Many publications offer this service at a cost.
  • Distribution through shops – you may negotiate with the shops owners to display small stacks of leaflets at the tills or checkout. This is not a common option and many shops owners do not agree with this method. In order to have their agreement to advertise your business in their locations, you must build good relationships with them, maybe with incentives.
  • Distribution through malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets (large shopping centers) – you may negotiate with the shopping centers management to distribute your flyers in their locations. It’s a certain way to target your audience better. It could be an independent marketing action or it could be a part of an integrated marketing campaign (together with a product placement, perhaps). Notice that for a fee, many advertising companies can offer you this service.
  • Flyers dispensers in business centers – agree with the business centers’ management to display your flyers’ dispensers in their business locations. In order to add more appeal and brand awareness, you could have a custom designed flyer display. Take into consideration that this is also a much-targeted technique of distribution, which is offered by many direct marketing companies.
  • Attend fairs & exhibitions – rent a stall at the local fairs and exhibitions and pass out flyers to the passersby who visit these fairs and exhibitions. Like the distribution on the street, this is a much effective way to advertise your business because you may present your company/products/services to the peoples you have split the flyers.
  • Distribute to influencers – in every group, network of people and/or community there are influential people or people having a status. Build positive strong relationships with these influencers and send them your flyers. In this way, their friends, families and network connections could be a great database where you hardly have come alone. Take into consideration incentives for the influencers and monitor the results.
  • Use the public and private Health Services  – each of us has to sit in a waiting area from private or public hospital, dentist, vet and so on. In every place, we have had several magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers or other advertising materials among to pick up and pass the time. This could be a great opportunity for you to gain your readers attention. I have tried this method myself and I can say it is a “winning method”.
  • Sponsor an event or a concert – by sponsoring or supporting an event (music event, fundraising ball, sport event, charity events and so on, you may negotiate the distribution of your flyers during that event. Many times the participants at such events receive small gifts on departure. You may attach your flyer to these small gifts. However, notice that in this case you have to decrease the dimensions of the flyers. A business card, A7 or at most A6 dimensions for your flyers are enough.
  • Hold a promotional day (or an open day) – if it’s suitable, hold an open day (or promotional day). It’s the right opportunity to present your company/ products / services to the potential customers and hand out the flyers. Any attendee could be prime candidates, because, since they are there, they have already shown their interest. 

As shown above, there are many ways to distribute your flyers. In order to get the best result from your advertising campaign, you may choose one of them or mix more of them.

Just keep in mind you need to have continuity in your marketing strategy and advertising actions.