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Hiring Part Time Employees – Is It For You?

By IT Admin Posted On: January 11, 2016

Hiring Part Time Employees – Is It For You

Whether you are a small business or a large company, chances are you’ve employed or considered employing part-time workers. Part-time employment is welcomed by many, employers and employees alike. But before you start adding people to your payroll, consider these pros and cons:

Hands down, the biggest advantage of hiring part time employees is the reduced cost. These employees usually get paid based on hourly wages, which essentially means that you only need to pay them for the  time that your business requires.  

Another advantage is that your company will not be required to provide additional work benefits. Full time employees will likely expect and demand a full compensation package, but part time employees may just ask for retirement benefits.

Part time employees obviously work less hours than full time employees, but they have the flexibility of being scheduled to work on specific hours or days based on the company’s need. Having control over staff availability during your busy hours means that you have the manpower needed to get the job done on time – your customers will get the immediate attention and assistance they need, and your employees do not get overwhelmed with the rush to provide service. In addition, your regular employees will not get dumped with additional workload and will not need to render overtime to meet deadlines, thus keeping work stress and employee complaints to a minimum.

While these advantages are worth their weight in gold, the biggest concern with having part time employees is their sense of belonging. For one, it may take time for part time employees to get used to your company’s culture and style of working. Since these employees spend less time with your company, they may find it difficult to fit in in an environment that already has established work relationships and dynamics, especially among your regular employees.

Another potential drawback is the challenge of keeping everyone on the same page. An employee that is only there on certain hours or days of the week would not be aware of any changes or announcements made in his/her absence, and this could lead to confusion and may disrupt the work process. Keeping part time employees updated means using valuable time that your business may not be able to spare in the first place.

Lastly, there’s a big possibility that your part time employee may be juggling one or two more part time jobs.  It would be difficult to expect that employee to have commitment and loyalty to your business when there are other jobs that demand the same thing. A low level of commitment could mean that a part time employee may not be as driven as your full time employees are, and this could lead to mediocre or substandard work.

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