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Top 10 Ways To Distribute Your Brochure To The Right Target Audience

By IT Admin Posted On: October 27, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Distribute your Brochure to the right target audience final

Marketing brochures are among the most versatile tools you can use to advertise your business, brand, products and services. I don’t think there is a worldwide company that didn’t use or doesn’t use brochures to spread its message or present different information to the current and prospective customers.

Making use of the simplest or the most complex design, you may tell your story through a brochure, from the first to the last cover and end with a call to action. The vouchers or the coupons with special deals are also common elements used in brochures in order to prompt immediate actions from the prospective customers.     

Unfortunately, I have seen a large number of companies that have invested a lot of money in designing and printing of their brochures, but these were never distributed and they still lie in some warehouse, many of them being outdated. Again, unfortunately, the managers of these companies don’t think that in such situations they lost a lot of money: not only the money they have invested in the designing and the printing of the brochures, but the money they could have been earned if they would have distributed these brochures.

Therefore, the distribution is also an important step for brochure marketing, not just targeting the right audience, designing and printing. There are many methods to distribute the brochures, but they depend directly on the area of your activity, on the targeted audience, on the objective of the brochure and on the budget.

Following, I’ll give you ten ideas for distribution of your brochures. Not all of them are applicable for everyone. You may choose one of them, according to your company’s characteristics, you may mix two or more of them or you may just ignore some of them. 

  1. Place inside the packaged order

    If you run an online shop or send your orders using the National Mail services or courier companies, you may insert your brochures into your packaged orders. This way, you may send catalogs or brochures of products, brochures which include special offers, vouchers or coupons.

  2. Display your brochures into your reception area

    One of the easiest ways to distribute your brochures is to display them on your reception area counter tops or other highly visible areas, in stacks or special displays. This way, you encourage your clients to take them without having the feeling of asking for information.

  3. Display your brochures in business centers

    Agree with the business centers’ management to display your brochures dispensers in their business locations. In order to add more appeal and brand awareness, you could have a custom designed brochure display. Take into consideration that this is also a much-targeted technique of distribution, which is offered by many direct marketing companies. 

  4. Mail your brochures

    One of the most recommended methods to distribute your brochure is to directly mail them to a certain database. Surely you have a database you have gathered in time or you may rent one. You may use it to deliver your brochures. Also, notice that different direct mailing companies have their own databases which can be used in a direct mailing campaign.

  5. Distribute your brochures at trade shows/fairs/exhibitions

    If you attend a trade show, a fair or an exhibition, you must have your marketing materials, not just the brochure available. Your flyers and brochures must be displayed on special dispensers, where they can be easily seen and picked up by the prospect without efforts. Also, you may negotiate with the organizers of the affairs / exhibitions / trade shows to include your brochures into the “welcome package” of these events or to allow you to distribute your brochures inside of these events, in exchange for a small fee.

  6. Collaborate with complementary businesses

    Find complementary business and negotiate with their leadership to distribute your brochures through their distribution plans (if you target the same audience). Of course, you have to pay them a fee, but it will be lower than if you distribute your brochures on your own. If the complementary business is a well-known brand in the market, it will be a clever tool to advertise your business.

  7. Distribute your brochure during an open day

    If it’s suitable, hold an open day. It’s the right opportunity to present your company/ products / services to the prospective customers and hand out the brochures. Any attendee could be prime candidates, because, since they are there, they have already shown their interest. 

  8. Distribute your brochures through malls

    You may negotiate with the mall’s management to distribute your brochures in their locations. It’s a certain way to target your audience better. It could be an independent marketing action or it could be a part of an integrated marketing campaign (together with a product placement, perhaps). Notice that for a fee, many advertising companies can offer you this service.

  9. Place your brochures at kiosks or bulletin boards

    Many shopping centers and other public spaces have kiosks or bulletin boards where you can place your brochures for free. In this case, you must make sure that your target corresponds to their target.

  10. Place your brochures in presentation folders

    If you don’t already have one, you should invest in the designing and printing of a presentation folder for your business. Usually, the most companies use them to hold their data sheets and hand to their potential customers. But it is recommendable to insert marketing materials in these folders (including flyers and brochures), in order to maximize your business advertising.