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Top 5 Reasons Why Leaflet Marketing fails

By IT Admin Posted On: August 21, 2015

Using direct marketing can be an important part of your marketing strategy and the proper use of the flyers can turn into a very effective way to advertise you company.

Although large corporations frequently use them, the flyers are most often used by small and medium companies in order to advertise their products, services or to promote an event or a special offer.

Like any other form of advertising, a flyer campaign must be carefully planned, even if we are talking about a direct marketing , a street marketing or an e-mail marketing campaign. Otherwise, the costs with the  design, print and distribution are just  spent money instead of being invested money.


Many business owners say their flyers campaigns don’t work because they don’t produce new customers, leads or revenue. Although it’s been proven by other thousands of business owners that this form of advertising DOES WORK.

In addition, we have to admit that not all marketing tools work for everybody. That is a truth, too. But if you do it correctly, marketing works for everybody.

In order to have a successful flyer campaign, you must know which the reasons why a leaflet marketing campaign fails are.

Among all the reasons due to which a flyer marketing campaigns fails, I would like to mention the main five reasons:


You don’t communicate clearly

If your potential customer doesn’t grasp your advertisement in the first moment he read your flyer, you lose him. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a business owner or a marketer can do.

The desire to convey as much information to the potential customers, they mix too much information. You must read the copy and take out the information that slow down the reader’s understanding of the message. Be clear and to-the point. Use the typography to highlight the main idea from the flyer. The flyer design is also important. The general design must match with the content and transmit the idea and the feeling of the flyer. Hiring a copywriter and a designer (or a designer with a strong background as copywriter) is the best option. Keep in mind that the customer behavior is based on the four steps: Attraction, Interest, Desire, Action!


You don’t target the ideal market

For every business there is a smaller target that is more likely to need, want or respond to their business marketing. Before printing a certain number of flyers, you must find that segment of population that matches best with your target. If you plan a drop mail campaign, ask your flyers distribution company to set for you the area with the highest percentage of your potential customers.


You don’t have realistic expectations

You can’t spend 1000$ for print and distribution of 1000 flyers and expect to have 100.000$ revenue, for example. Or all the potential customers that have received your flyer to have an immediate reaction.  Because not all of them have the same needs.  Maybe one of them needs urgently your service or product, are Attracted by them, have the Interest and the Desire and take the Action. Maybe for others there is just a hidden need. In this case, the AIDA (Attraction, Interest, Desire, Action) process will take some more time.

You don’t integrate the message of the flyers into your communication strategy

Many business owners plan their business growth but don’t plan their marketing strategy, especially their communication strategy. That’s why their communication process doesn’t have consistency and continuity. There are so many times when, in terms of flyer design, their message is not integrated in marketing strategy, nor in the communication strategy. Keep in mind that an integrated communication strategy is the one that will help you establish yourself in the mind of your prospects and build your credibility.


You give up

Think about your flyers in terms of TV advertising. Or radio. Or outdoor. How many times have you seen just once an advertisement and have taken an action? Never!

First, because maybe you did not remember that advertisement.

Second, maybe you are not interested about that product or service and there are other products/services which you feel like they meet your needs better.

Third, maybe you don’t desire yet that product or service.

In the same way, the all your potential customers will not take the action in the same time. You have to be patient. Jay Conrad Levinson says that your potential customer must see your advertisement 27 times before taking action. Repetition is the key to establishing yourself in the mind of the prospect, building credibility and being remembered.

So, be patient, repeat your flyer campaign and the results will come.