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Top Reasons Why A Company Needs A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

By IT Admin Posted On: October 20, 2015

Top reasons why a company needs a direct mail marketing campaign


As many companies search new ways to increase sales and awareness, to reach new prospective customers and to develop their relationships with the existing customers, they tend to concentrate their marketing efforts to the online and other technology-based environments, in the detriment of the traditional advertising approaches.

However, classic advertising techniques still offer consistently effective forms of advertising, like direct mailing. Being preferred by the small and medium companies, the direct mail is also used by the large corporation as part of their advertising campaigns. There are many reasons for which marketers create direct mail campaigns, as an easy and cost-effective way to maximize their advertising efforts

  1. Direct mail is highly targeted

Each direct mail campaign can be fully customized for a targeted audience, according to their specific needs. This way, customers and prospects receive only the information and the offers that satisfy the best way their needs like individuals and human beings.

  1. It can be personalized

Except the fact that the direct mail campaign is fully customized, every printed piece can be personalized with name and other personal information of the prospects.  This personalization brings a personal touch, meaning that the prospects will be more likely to heed your message and take an action.

  1. It is tangible

Because the direct mail is delivered directly to the customers and prospects hands, it will be practically hold, seen and read by them.  Because of its physical characteristics, it will be harder to throw out an email.

  1. It is cost effective

The creation itself for direct mailing campaign is easy and relatively not very expensive. The biggest cost is for distribution, but there are effective alternatives for everyone.  That’s why direct mailing, one of the most responsive media, generates one of the lowest costs per order or lead and has a great return of your advertising investment.


  1. It is measurable

The results of the direct mail campaigns are easy measurable, without any complicated technique or analysis. The number of the feedbacks from prospects can be determined easily by inserting a code in the flyers design. Also, it  is very easy to determine the cost per lead, the overall cost, the return of your investment and the profitability of your campaign, in order to establish how successful it is.

  1. It is versatile

Direct mailing campaign allow the usage of a wide variety of formats: leaflets, flyers, brochures, catalogs, postcards and other multiple options. In addition, there are many distribution channels, according to each company needs. That’s why direct mailing is a suitable strategy for almost any company.

  1. It can be part of an integrated marketing campaign

Direct mail campaign can be easily part of an integrated marketing campaign, combined with TV, radio, outdoor, indoor, e-mail campaign or social media campaign. As I mentioned many times, the best approach for every company is to have an integrated marketing strategy in order to achieve the best results.

  1. It’s proven

Direct marketing is an advertising channel that stood the test of time. Although in the past years, the online platforms have had a significant development and many companies have reoriented their marketing efforts to these platforms and to the social networks, the direct mail is still used by many of them.

  1. It generates a response

With a call to action number, or a voucher that offers to the prospects a certain offer or a website address that encourage your targeted audience to visit your website included in your flyer design, the direct mail campaign is a certain way to get a response from your customers. Also, it represents an easy method for the measurement of the results of your marketing campaign.

  1. It helps you to build your brand

Regardless of the reason you use a direct mailing campaign (the announcement of a certain offer, a launch, an event and so on), the direct mailing campaign helps you to spread your message and increase your brand awareness.