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Unique Places To Distribute Your Flyers

By IT Admin Posted On: March 7, 2016


Leaflet marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to get your message right in the hands of potential customers – it’s as easy as extending a flyer to people passing by. Keep in mind though that if you have a business that caters to a specific location, leaflet distribution services from Adpost will work better for you, as you can specifically target the locations you want. On the other hand, if you have no restrictions in terms of proximity, step away from the sidewalk and consider these unique places where you can distribute your flyers:


People are always trying to multi-task – whether intentionally or subconsciously. You will likely see people on their mobile phones or reading the newspaper while in transit, so giving them something to read during the ride would be a welcome use of their time. You don’t necessarily have to hand out the flyers to the passengers – having strategically placed flyers in public transport should do the trick. A word of caution though: use flyers that stand out so they attract attention and are not mistaken for litter.

  1. CAFÉ

Cafés and coffee shops are always filled with people who are trying to relax and pass the time. Some coffee shops offer reading material, and your flyer can be just that. Your flyer would just take a few seconds to read, and that may be all it takes to attract a new customer. You can leave your leaflet on an empty table, or leave it with your tip. Also, find out if the café or restaurant has a special leaflet section, and you can work out a deal to incentivize the arrangement with the café staff.

  1. BOOKS

You can insert your leaflet in a book from the public library or bookstore – you can design your leaflet so that it resembles a bookmark, and people will automatically see your information when they open the book. Just make sure to ask the bookstore owner or librarian for permission, or discuss options of leaving flyers on their counter.


People get bored waiting around in a laundromat, which makes it a great place to find reading material. Most laundromats also have a bulletin board where you can post your flyers, and with the number of people in the laundry facility day in and day out, your leaflets can get a lot of visibility. You can use leaflets with tear off tabs so people can walk away with your information without taking the entire flyer.


Pay phone booths may seem like a novelty these days, but the ones that remain are still widely used by pedestrians – whether it’s to actually make a phone call, or to talk in privacy and get away from the street noise.  Having leaflets on display gives them something to read while on their phones. As with the case of the café and library, if the phone booth is near a business establishment, make sure that you get the owner’s okay first.

Obviously, leaflet distribution doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional method. Simply name places where people are likely to stay a while, and you’ve found a great alternative to your leaflet distribution strategy.