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What is the best channel for charity marketing?

By IT Admin Posted On: September 28, 2014

Charity organizations are constantly on the lookout to build their donor base. Today’s marketing strategies offer several options for charity organizations to attract more donors.

To shed light to this matter, Australia Post and ADMA published Creating connections that matter: How Australians want to hear from brands – a report that explored the advertising channel preference of Australians.  The report made a clear comparison across 10 advertising channels, sampling different demographics and charity sectors.

The report made it apparent that Websites, TV advertising, and Personalized Direct mail are the preferred advertising channels for Australians. The personalized direct mail route scored the highest in retention (65%) compared to the other marketing channels.


Direct Mail for Charities

The report shows that direct mail is the most logical marketing channel for charity marketing. Charity organizations that are trying to establish their donor base are typically working on a limited budget, thus TV advertising and press advertising is not a viable option. Direct mail provides charity organizations with the opportunity to communicate clearly with their prospective donors. Based on the report, Australians retain more of the information delivered through Direct Mail compared to the other channels.

Compared to the other leading channels – TV advertising and websites, personalized direct mails are much more affordable for charity organizations. TV advertising in Australia ranges from $500-$25,000 for a single airing of a 30-second advertisement. Website creation and management and promotion can also range from $8,000 to $15,000 or more. Not to mention that there are also costs to maintain a website. A direct mail campaign is easier to start and manage, especially with the help of companies that specialize in direct mail marketing.

 Adpost makes it convenient and affordable for charity organizations to establish a direct mail campaign. The company takes care of all the intricacies of direct mail marketing – from design, to printing and distribution – Adpost makes it more affordable by making everything work under one umbrella. The cost of establishing a direct mail campaign depends on the size of the campaign. This makes it more flexible for charity organizations to make changes on the campaign based on their budget and still get great cost-to-acquisition results. Adpost offers the perfect direct mail strategies for charity organizations by keeping the production costs at a minimum without compromising quality.

Adpost is an established name in Australia’s Design, Print, and Distribution industries. We bring a rich working experience with a wide variety of client experience to the table. Adpost has the right tools and strategies to get the best results in a campaign.