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What’s in a Direct Mail package?

By IT Admin Posted On: November 15, 2014

Using Direct Mail projects a personal touch into your correspondence with your potential market. It gives your customers tangible information to help them in the purchasing cycle. Direct Mail can also be a way for you to establish trust with your potential customers.

To create an informative and effective direct mail package, you would first need to figure out the message that you want to send. Set the appropriate tone of your message that would accentuate how you want your product to be perceived by your potential customer. Once you’ve figured out how you want your message to sound, ensure your mail will catch the attention of your potential customer, and that there’s a way for your potential customer to conveniently send a response. Making your direct mail as informative and convenient as possible increases your chances of getting a positive response.


Here are the main components of an effective direct mail package:

Envelope – Your envelope determines if your letter will be read or discarded. Most people just discard direct mail packages if they know that it’s for marketing purposes. Over generations of marketing trickery and deception, the customers have gotten the impression that every marketing correspondence is made to trick them into buying a service or a product. Instead of using a more corporate design for the envelope, make it look like it’s a personal letter. The objective is not to deceive but to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Letter – Deliver your message in a concise but inviting manner. Make sure that your content accentuates your product. A marketing letter is just like a novel. It needs to incite intrigue and interest, but if it drags too long, your reader may lose interest in finishing your message. Print your letter in a presentable, but cost-efficient material. People respond poorly to cheap marketing strategies. Your potential customers directly relate your product quality to the quality of your marketing material.

Response Template – The goal is to make it convenient for your potential customers to respond to your letter. Include a response template prompting the information that you would like to get from your potential customer. Get information like the type of product that they are interested in, call back number, feedback, and questions. You can also include your website and your company’s phone number in case they would want to get back to you.

Return Envelope – To make sure that your potential customers’ response would reach you, you can include a return envelope addressed to you. This is also for the convenience of your customers so that they would not need to write your address and look for an envelope that they can use to send their correspondence back.


Getting all of these materials in a package creates a stable and well-structured image for your company. Your customer relates your marketing material directly to the quality of your service or product. If your marketing material is of poor quality, customers would assume that your product is of poor quality as well. In marketing, first impressions last.  Sweep your customers off their feet the first chance you get with your direct mail package.