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What’s in a Direct Mail package?

Using Direct Mail projects a personal touch into your correspondence with your potential market. It gives your customers tangible information to help them in the purchasing cycle. Direct Mail can also be a way for you to establish trust with your potential customers. To create an informative and effective direct mail package, you would first […]


Adpost make a splash!

The Adpost team recently took part in a sponsor’s relay race as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. Here are some of the images from the day. We managed to grab superstar hockey player Kate Hollywood into our team also. Result! If you’re interested in finding out more about the Special Olympics event click here. 


What is the best channel for charity marketing?

Charity organizations are constantly on the lookout to build their donor base. Today’s marketing strategies offer several options for charity organizations to attract more donors. To shed light to this matter, Australia Post and ADMA published Creating connections that matter: How Australians want to hear from brands – a report that explored the advertising channel […]


What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is often colloquially called as “junk mail”. Many households receive abundant direct mails every week. Direct Mail is the term used to describe letters sent using the bulk mailer service. Bulk mail is defined as sending multiple identical mails at one time, and it usually has the least priority in sorting in a […]

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What amazes us is how professional they are – giving advice, flawless printing and prompt service while at the same time being easy to work with.

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Leaflet Distribution Works

Leaflet drops work! See how much your campaign can earn with an investment in our leaflet distribution service.

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